Camping In Himalaya

Major Camping in Himalaya Activities: Hiking, Rock Climbing & Rappeling, Rappelling, River Crossing, Flying Fox, Obstacle Course, Bird Watching, Splash Swimming, Visit to the Waterfall, Recreation, The Sunrise (Set) Trek, Visit to the Monastery and Baru Sahab.

Towered by a thick Deodar and pine forest and set in a once upon a time blooming orchard of apple, peach, apricot and plums, Camp Himalaya is one for the calling. The surroundings will make you reminisce, the place will make you nostalgic and the weather will turn you in to an incorrigible romantic.

It is a place which can give you food for thought, a time for adventure and to top it all, it will help you blend with nature in the best possible way. Located near the small and quaint hill town of Rajgarh in district Sirmour of Himachal Pradesh (India) The Camp Himalaya is about 45 Km from Solan off the National Highway to Shimla. The nearest railhead Kalka being only 4 Hrs away makes it another interesting weekend getaway option. Till now missing from the tourism maps, Rajgarh has more to offer than what meets the eye on a macro view. Lush Green Valleys, Dense Forest, healthy bird life, clean and fresh mountain air and to top it all the ever-imposing serenity of the camp. Come spend some time here and you will know why we could not have given any other name to this camp.

Camp Himalaya is set up in a fruit orchard at Haloni Pul, Rajgarh. A small patch of orchard land is used for the camp leaving much of the flora in its undisturbed state. Here you can challenge the Churadhar peak (12000-ft), which is about two days of a rigourous hike or four days of gentle trek two ways, or you can just choose to relax at the camp swinging on a Hammock. Or if you may please bask in the sun by the small river near the camp, going in for that very occasional dip every now and then. There is just no end to what you can do at the camp so come and explore it for yourself.

Rajgarh is more like a place where the yesterday had met today in perfect harmony. Fully integrated communication networks, regular supply of electricity, good transport network proximity of supply centers can make life as urbane as you like. On the other hand the laid-back village lifestyle, scarcity and spread of population allow for a quiet and relaxed time to yourself.

The two perennial streams around the camp are a boon to the natural beauty of the place. The camp is set up in a terraced fruit orchard facing a mountain. The narrow valley around the camp results in cold breeze around the camp at all times. And the thicket of Deodar trees around the camp helps maintain the temperature around the camp at an acceptable high at the hottest of all times.

Its place that can let you be, make you see, let you indulge and be high on life at all times. The perfect destination for your Himalaya Activities at the Camp Himalaya.

The area presents endless avenues for the hiking enthusiasts. From a two-hour hike in the surrounding area to a full day Hike to the imposing Churdhar peak (at 12000-ft, it is the Highest peak in the Outer Himalayas) the options are enough to keep you occupied for a while. Some recommended options include Walk to the Syana Village Top - 1 Hr. from the Camp and as and extension walk all the way to the Helipad and all the way back. Roughly a three to Four Hour walk this round walk passes offers scattered houses, fruit laden orchards at times, beautiful wildflowers, an occasional curious mountain kid, wild fruit berries to feast on, a beautiful dense forest and a small temple at the village Syana. A walk to the Bhuira Village is also recommended to see in action a small village cooperative that is making news all over the world. Just google the term Bhuira Jams and you will see what we mean.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling
Learn the basics of rock climbing on the flat rock face near the camp. Things you can learn include three point climbing techniques, route planning, various kinds of holds and grips and energy reservoir maintenance and preservation. On the subtle end you will also realize the importance of planning, coordination, patience, listening and motivational values for your teammates.

Rappelling What goes up must come down, well said Mr. Tom Petty. So once you climb the rock with all tricks you learn, you will also learn the act of rappelling i.e. descending on the rock face you just climbed but no hold or grips just the rope and you and your knees and feet. Now we take no responsibility for making a cliff hanger out of you after this educational experience.

River Crossing
You also learn the act of river crossing over the base tied across the stream near the camp. A fairly high energy activity and very popular with schools groups and adults alike. We often get request by the participants to be allowed to release themselves in to the stream, but since the since the stream is shallow we don't entertain these requests.

Flying Fox
A high adrenalin activity that involves traversing a sloping base top to bottom of course and that too with the help of pulleys and harness the few seconds of this activity are enough to feel like being on a roller coaster ride.

Obstacle Course
A small obstacle course at the camp consisting of Burma Bridge, Ladder Bridge, Double Rope Bridge, Tarzan Swing and other rope and bamboo assortments is an ideal activity with in the campus and keeps the young and adults occupied for hours.

Bird Watching
The residents of this area agree that the bird population in the area is a very healthy one. From the Himalayan Magpies to Mainas or even the woodpeckers for the avid birdwatcher we suggest you pack your lunch before you move away from the camp for indulging in your favourite past time.

Splash Swimming
The presence of two perennial stream around the camp present good opportunities for day picnics around small pools up in the valley hidden from the whatsoever little population that exists in the area.

Visit to the Waterfall A small obstacle course at the camp consisting of Burma Bridge, Ladder Bridge, Double Rope Bridge, Tarzan Swing and other rope and bamboo assortments is an ideal activity with in the campus and keeps the young and adults occupied for hours.

We have a few hammocks all over the camp under shady trees, a small, make shift badminton court, carom, dart, badminton, chess, Rope swings, daily bonfires etc. to keep you occupied at any time.

Sunrise (Set) Trek
Early morning one can set out to the nearest mountain top area to watch the sunrise on the distant graded Himalayan Mountains. Watching the sunset, which can be seen from many locations at Rajgarh is a treat to the eyes. Make sure you have your camera ready before you dissolve in the plethora of colors all around you.

Visit to the Monastery
A beautiful monastery at Ochghat is definitely worth exploring on your way to or back from the Camp. The Bon Po Monastery is 40 years old and has a separate section for women monks. Red More about this Religion by clicking here. Read more about the Bon Future Fund Here.

Baru Sahab
A very well known Gurudwara around 40 kms from Rajgarh. It is one of the oldest holy shrines of the Sikh faith.

Facilities and Services
We provide 10 feet by 12 feet tented accommodation units, which have a centre table, two beds with mattresses and sleeping bags. Each unit is weather proof and well ventilated with roll up windows. The floors of all units are tiled by locally available slate rocks.

Dining Arrangements
The camp kitchen takes care of the meals in a buffet arrangement. Indian, Chinese and continental menu is also served at the camp with prior information and request. Drinking water at the camp is sourced from a natural water spring with in the camp area. The same is filtered before laying out for drinking. Adequate supply of bottled drinking water is also maintained at the camp.

Toilets at the camp are in a central compound. There are Seven WC Toilets and one Indian Toilet with bathing units that have running water. Hot water is made available through Hamaams on request.

Activities and the staff conducting them All activity instructors are professionally equipped with the knowledge they impart to the guests. Most of our staff belongs to the mountains and knows the mountains well. Local staff is always hired at any campsite to become a part of the local economy somehow.

Medical Emergency
A doctor stays 300 feet away from the camp area. And any other doctor is available on call from Rajgarh, which is only 5 km away. Rajgarh also has a government hospital and other private clinics. if the need may arise. The camp always has complete first aid available.

Communication GSM Cell phones networks are now active in the region but the signals are often erratic. Landline connectivity is still provided by BSNL. Internet connectivity is still sparse. A GSM cell phone is now kept at the camp for all communications.

The Art of Doing Nothing... Vacations too . . . how perfectly named that is . . . a vacation, an emptying out . . . that's what "DHYANA" is, an emptying out of all the static clutter and junk of one's life and just settling into an undefined sort of tranquillity. That's what Lila's involved in now, a huge vacation, an emptying out of the junk of her life. She's clinging to some new pattern because she thinks it holds back the old pattern. But what she has to do is take a vacation from all patterns, old and new, and just settle into a kind of emptiness for a while. And if she does, the culture has a moral obligation not to bother her. The most moral activity of all is the creation of space for life to move onward. From the book Lila by Robert M Pirsig also the writer of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainence.

Doing nothing is important in life and at times very important. All your life you are always doing something or the other. But the times when your body is tired of doing things and needs to be recharged you sleep, you do nothing. And you wake up ready to take on the world afresh. Like sleep recharges you body, holidays are a way to recharge your soul. That is why people need to take holidays, to get away from everyday life and do something new something different knowing that the soul is being comforted in doing so. The Camp Himalaya is a destination for doing just that. A destination for SOUL VACATION.

Spend your time wandering aimlessly in the hills, without the fear of getting lost. Chase butterflies and watch the birds. You can spend hours swinging in the hammock without ever realising how time passes by or laze around a shallow stream mabe even half immersed in the water. You can choose to read a book under a distant tree and then forget the book and climb the tree instead. Frankly doing nothing does acquire a toally different meaning at Camp Himalaya.

Location and Route
By Road The camp is approximately 350 km from Delhi and 100 km from Chandigarh. It is an ideal 9 Hours Drive from Delhi with a half an hour of midway break included. Most of the way up to Chandigarh one is a pretty fast highway and one makes good time as well. The drive in the hills starts from Kalka to Solan (42 KM) and thereon to Rajgarh (45 KM).

A detailed route description would look like this
Delhi - Karnal - Ambala (200 KM) - Panchkula - Kalka (260 KM) - Barog - Solan (300 KM) - Ochghat - Yashwant Nagar - Sanora - Rajgarh (340 KM) - Haloni Pul - Camp Himalaya (345 KM)
Upon reaching the town of Rajgarh, cross the main market and bus terminal and take the lower road on the first fork. Here on its a no diversion road up to the next 4.5 KM. You will see a small board for directions to the camp here. Your reservation voucher will have a number that you can call and someone will meet you at the road.

Complete Package Inclusions for Camp Himalaya
Package Duration - 2 nights and 3 days
Package Price - Rs. 4250/- per person

Camp (tented) Accommodation on twin share at the Camp Himalaya
All meals
02 Breakfast
02 Lunch
02 Dinner
AM / PM tea / Coffee Supplements with cookies
Daily Bonfires
Light Snacks / Munchies around the Bonfire
Use of In-house obstacle course under professional supervision
All available activities at the camp under professional supervision and all field activity and safety gear. Activities Include
Rock Climbing, Rappelling
River Crossing / Tyrolene Traverse, Flying Fox
Escorted Hikes and Walks in the surrounding Hills
All taxes and service charges

Pricing for Children 5-12 Yrs - Rs. 2250.00