Camel Safari in India

Camel Safari Regions : Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner
When To Go : Most of the Camel Safaris are organized during winter, when the weather remains good. Summers are hot and dry in Rajasthan, which is not good for Camel Safari. The ideal time for Camel Safaris is November to April.

Camel Safari - Be A Part Of The Very Landscape
Camel commonly known as the ship of the desert, is much popular in the state of Rajasthan. Camel Safari is one of the best and unique ways to explore the mirages of great India desert of Thar. Thar is known for its own world, as the vast stretch of sand is dotted with dunes and xerophytic shrubs. A journey on the back of the Camel, brings tourists to small villages of Rajasthan, where one can closely view the vibrant culture, colourful traditions and their hardships. A typical Camel Safari takes one to the architectural ruins of Lodurva, the oasis at Anasagar, the sand dunes of the Samm and the water source of Moolsagar. Besides, the Camel Safari also takes one to wildlife areas of Rajasthan, like Bharatpur, Sariska etc. Visit the desert land of Rajasthan and enjoy the Camel Safari, you will be overwhelmed by picturesque sights and sounds, colours and fragrances that will struck your mind for long time.

Camel Safari Ranges
Camel Safari in India is mainly centred around the state of Rajasthan, in the regions of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner. The desert land of Rajasthan offers different ranges of safaris, including the short range safari along Jaisalmer to long safaris. A Camel Safari on Jaisalmer- Jodhpur-Bikaner route takes one close to the old palaces, havelis or courtyard, temples and other structures of architectural importance. Big town generally not comes on this route, so tourists can choose any route.

Camel Safari Packages
Most of the Camel Safari packages, generally provide one camel per person, and a camel cart accompanies it, which remains laden with tent, food, mineral water, utensils and other necessary items. Most tour operators offer a full dose of local entertainment in the nights. Camps are usually set up at night in villages, which provide opportunities to enjoy the local folks and an insight to their traditional life and culture.

Duration of Camel Safari
The duration of Camel Safari tours varies between 2 to 7 days, with longer ones up to two weeks. Tourists can chose Camel Safari tour according to their convenience. Shorter, one day long Camel Safari provides a glimpse of the desert land, while longer, one or two week long give a close understanding of desert.

Points one must keep in mind
As Camel Safaris are usually organized in winters, desert nights can be very cold, so woollens are an essential part of your packing. It is necessary to carry sweaters, jackets, warm sleeping bag and blanket. Some of the woolen items are provided by the Camel Safari organizer also.
In the daytime, the bright sun can be harmful, so one must carry a sun hat, a pair of sun glasses, moisturizers, lip salve, suntan lotion or cream. During the Camel Safari one can wear the scarves or balaclava around the neck and the forehead. Camel Safari friendly umbrellas are also available in Jodhpur. Drink plenty of water before starting the Camel Safari, to avoid the dehydration.
Always carry a first aid kit as well as other essential items of day-to-day use, as you might need them. In some Camel Safaris, mineral water is not a part of the package, in that case you will have to carry your own water bottle. Carrying torch and knife is also advisable.

Getting There
Most of Camel Safaris in Rajasthan start from the desert fort city of Jaisalmer, which is well-connected by air, train and road. Jaipur the capital city of Rajasthan, is a convenient base to visit the state. The pink city of Jaipur is connected by air, rail and road to rest of the country. All Camel Safari regions in Rajasthan are connected to Jaipur by road.