Bird Watching Vacation

Sonai Rupai Sanctuary

The Sonai Rupai sanctuary is a picturesque Indian wildlife sanctuary, offering breathtaking views of natural beauty and wildlife. The admirers of feathered species frequently visit the sanctuary in search of rare domestic and migratory birds.

Location : Sonitpur District
Area : 175 sq. kms
Prime attractions : Elephant, Indian Bison, Deer and a variety of hill birds

Flamingo Colony

It is reputed among the admirers of feathered species as the largest flamingo colony in the world. It receives countless variety of birds from the other corners of the globe. Birds come here to breed and feed before their journey back to a distant land. It is one of the great bird sanctuaries in India and is very attractive and adventurous for all foreign tourists.

Location : Khavda, Gujarat
Prime attractions : Flamingos

Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

The delightful Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary, nestling around the Nal Lake, offers a sheer variety of color, pattern and a cacophony of sounds that the birds use for recognition and courtship. Exploring this Indian birs sanctuary with a pair of binoculars and a person well versed in local bird life is definitely the best outing you can have

Location : 65 Kms Southwest of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Area : 115sq. Kms
Prime attractions : Cranes, flamingoes, pelicans, ducks, storks and other birds
How to reach : Regular state and private buses ply at regular interval from the Ahmedabad.

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary

The serene and tranquil environ of Porbandar Bird Sanctuary attracts a variety of migratory and domestic birds. The sanctuary echoes with the chirping of birds that populate the park. It's a great Indian adventure tour package.Ibis, Porbandar Bird Sanctuary

Location : In the heart of the city of Porbandar, Gujarat.
Area : 1sq. Kms
Prime attractions : Wildfowl, Teals, Ibis, Curlews and variety of migratory birds.
How to reach : Regular state and private buses ply at regular interval from the Ahmedabad and other major cities in Gujarat.

Velvadar Bird Sanctuary

This is the home of the Indian black buck. Velavadar is a unique grassland ecosystem that has attracted fame for successful conservation of the black buck and is important part of Gujarat tourism. Once found in open plains throughout the country, its largest population at present occurs in Velvadar National Park.

Location : Bhavnagar, Gujarat
Prime attractions : Black Buck and a variety of birds.
How to reach : Buses and taxis are available at regular interval from Bhavnagar.

Sultanpur National Park

The Sultanpur National Park has been given a totally new look to attract the tourists. A stretch of marshy land has been remodeled. The artificial mounds have turned into green glades and the marsh has been converted into a water body. It is one of the best national parks in India.

Location : ultanpur, Haryana
Area : 395sq Kms
Prime attractions : Darters, Egrets, Shovellers, Gadwell, Geese, Teals, Kingfishers, Lapwings, Sandpipers, Demoiselle Cranes and a variety of other water birds
How to reach : The park is just a short drive away from the Delhi - Jaipur highway.


The Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is reputed for its pristine natural beauty and abundance of feathered species. It offers chance for a great birdwatching tour in India.

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